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Our staff of dental professionals - hygienists, assistants, and receptionists - is dedicated to providing each and every one of our patients with superb care. Proudly serving greater Orange County, California, our team would be honored to work with you to improve your oral health and revitalize your smile.

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DR. TY CALDWELL: I'm very proud of my staff, and here's the deal: when I started off in practice, as a manager, I knew how to fix teeth, but I didn't know how to hire staff. And when I did, I didn't always lead them the best. But over the last many years, I've found the best people, and if I find great quality people, they want to help. I don't have to train them to get good customer service. DR. SUSAN CALDWELL: Most people who are being treated as a patient--they're going to remember how you treated them and what you said to them and how you calmed them down and gave them peace of mind. And getting them well, not just in their mouth but overall, is what everybody's looking for. MS. JESSICA CORLEY: We want our patients to be healthy; we want them to be happy. When they come into the front door to see smiling faces every time, we want them to feel welcome, and feel like they are genuinely comfortable. I love spending time with our patients, getting to know them one by one, getting to know about their families, and seeing their transformations from beginning to end. The before and after cases that we do here are incredible, so to be a part of that is really an honor. MS. CHRISTINE DO: It may sound a little clich©, but seeing the patients happy and having a great smile and a healthy smile gives me satisfaction.

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