Dental Implants

Here at Caldwell Dental Care, we place and restore implants. What are implants? They are tooth sized posts that are surgically implanted under the gums where a natural tooth used to be. Implants can be used to secure restorations, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures.

What’s the difference between placing and restoring?

An implant comes in three parts. The base (fixture) of the implant fits into the bone for support. The second stage of the implant (abutment) transitions from the base of the implant through the gums. The third stage (restoration) is designed to give you a tooth shape to smile and chew with. At Caldwell Dental we do the planning, design and implementation of all the steps. Hence, patients benefit by reducing their time, costs, and travel between offices. If the patient’s unique case requires the skills of another specialist we will gladly discuss this and refer to a doctor who can best deliver the care needed.

Why should I get implants?

There are many benefits to getting implants. Here are a few:

Implants are Long-Lasting | Well maintained implants can last a lifetime.
Encourage Bone Growth | Implants can help encourage bone growth in your jaw. This is a great thing if you’ve suffered from bone loss due to tooth loss.
Secure Normally Removable Restorations | Implants help to secure your dentures in place. Confidence and comfort are a direct result. The food choices increase from soft diets to those of natural teeth. Your nutrition improves, you enjoy eating again and your quality of life increases.
Easier to Understand | Unsecured restorations can slide, causing slurred speech. Implants prevent that sliding and can make it easier to be understood.
Look Natural | Implants secure your restorations so they look like your natural teeth. No embarrassing slipping and sliding.

Will my insurance cover it?

Your insurance may cover your implant. It depends on your individual policy. We’ll be happy to go over what your insurance does and does not cover during your consultation.

How does it work?

The first step is a consultation. During this appointment, we will evaluate your needs and decide if implant placement or restoration is right for you. We can then discuss the procedures and create a treatment plan. The plan will include estimated costs, the benefits and risks of the procedures, the time for completion, and answers to all your questions.

Ask About Your Implant Options Today!

At Caldwell Dental Care, we know the great difference dental implants can make in your life. We use the latest technology to help us give you the best care including a 3D Cone Beam imaging system and Cerec computer aided crown and bridge design and manufacturing.

3-D Cone Beam Technologies

Normal x-rays are like photographs (2 dimensional). With a photograph of a house you can see the style, color and landscaping but that’s about all. With 3-D Cone Beam technology we can see the same thing as in the photograph but can also see much more. We can visualize each room of the house, the views from the windows, measure for furniture, see how many bedrooms there are, see the construction of the beams in the attic and so on. This information allows the doctor to give detailed information to the patient immediately. Proper implant planning cannot be done without this technology.