For patients who are missing some or all teeth a custom, attractive and functional tooth replacement is essential. At Caldwell Dental we have been making custom tooth replacement appliance for over three decades. Each patient will have a different shaped tooth, arrangement, color, and fit to their appliance. The proper position of the teeth affects speech, appearance, fit and function to name a few. We’d be happy to consult with you about an existing denture that doesn’t fit well or the prospect that you may need to transition from failing teeth to a denture.

Benefits of Dentures

Support Your Facial Tissues | When you lose your teeth your underlying bone recedes too. A properly fitted denture recreates the missing teeth and the lost structural support for the face. Typically our patient’s look much younger and healthier when properly fitted.
Works Like Real Teeth | Dentures are not a replacement for teeth…they are a replacement for no teeth. Our first objective is to maintain the natural teeth so dentures are never needed. When dentures are required every effort is made to create a comfortable, attractive, and functional appliance. Dentures utilizing dental implants for stability and retention create the most natural feel in most cases.
Easy to Maintain | Removable dentures are easy to maintain. You take them out daily, brush them with a denture cleaner or toothpaste, then slide them back on.
Cost Effective | Dentures are usually the lease expensive way to replace all your teeth.

How Does It Work?

  1. Consultation | The first step is to come in for an examination and consultation. We’ll discuss every option and their pros and cons with you. Your happiness is our concern. You will not be “sold” on any particular treatment plan. If dentures are right for you we’ll lay out a cost, explanation of how we custom fit each case, give you a time line for completion and all the follow up care we provide. Once you’re satisfied will we take a custom impression of your mouth so we can begin.
  2. Impression Mold | A copy of your mouth shape is created using a soft impression material. From this the doctor will begin the design of your new teeth. A second appointment will be used to refine the measurements and create any individual details we need to make the denture right for you.
  3. Laboratory | When the design and special arrangements are complete and agreed upon with the patient we send it to the lab for the dentures to be fabricated. At this point, it can take about one week for your completed dentures to be delivered.
  4. Fit and Place | The last step is to check for fit. When you come in for your appointment, we will make verify it fits well. If no adjustments need to be made, you can wear your new set of teeth that day.

Does Insurance Cover Dentures?

Insurance policies usually cover dentures as a basic service. However, many policies vary so we’ll be happy to go over your policy and tell you if they’re covered and what portion you would be responsible for.

Don’t wait!

Don’t put off getting dentures. Get back your smile, get back your life! Here at Caldwell Dental Care, we’re ready to talk dentures with you. Call for an appointment today!