Dentistry From Our Heart – SMILE….IT’S FREE!


Dentistry from Our Heart – Helping give back to the community

11/16/2013 – Local residents were overjoyed that a Cypress dental practice was offering free dental treatment to those in need. Caldwell Dental Care, located in Cypress, CA has been organizing Dentistry from Our Heart for 3 years; and has no plans to stop giving back to the community that has been so embracing of their practice.

Every 18 months, Dr.’s Ty and Susan Caldwell recruit fellow doctors, assistants, hygienists, office personnel, and volunteers to provide cleaning, fillings, and extractions on a first-come, first-served basis. This past event took place Saturday, November 16th at 7:00am. Patients lined up starting at 12:30 am the evening before. “It was a great success” stated Dr. Susan Caldwell, “We were able to help over 120 people who otherwise may not be able to afford the dental care they need.”

As people stood outside waiting in line for hours to either see a dentist or dental hygienist they were in good spirits. The gratitude the patients felt was overwhelming. One gentleman was a painter by profession and offered to paint the Caldwell’s business sign for free while another patient ran out and bought tacos for all the volunteers.

When asked why they continue to do this event knowing that it involves a lot of work, time and money Dr. Ty Caldwell says “Initially we did it to give thanks to our community for the success we have had over many years but now we do it because it heals our souls and enriches not only our lives but the lives of those in need”.

We invite you to view a previous year’s video and photos of Dentistry from Our Heart event by Caldwell Dental Care.