Common Injuries that Lead to Tooth Loss

Common Injuries that Lead to Tooth LossLosing a tooth can be painful, but thankfully there are many options out there for saving a tooth or replacing a tooth after it has been lost. Decay, neglect, and certain medical conditions can result in tooth loss, but one very common cause of tooth loss is injury and accidents. An Orange County cosmetic dentist can help you regardless what the cause of the tooth loss was. We’d like to focus on injuries and accidents right now, however, to give you some insight into this issue.

Car, Bike, and Other Vehicle Accidents

Accidents involving motor vehicles or non-motor vehicles can be quite serious and often result in tooth loss. This is particularly common when the accident involves blows or trauma to the face and head.

Sports Injuries

Whether it’s full contact sports or not, accidents while in a game or practice can cause teeth to become dislodged. Our Orange County team of cosmetic dentists recommends that you wear all protective gear while engaged in such activities, especially protective headgear and mouthpieces.

Falls, Fights, and Collisions

Fights, falls, and accidental collisions while going about your daily routine are possibilities, and these can all cause people to lose teeth should they experience impacts to the mouth or jaw area.

Why Tooth Loss is a Serious Dental Problem

Losing a tooth can make it difficult to eat certain foods and can lead to self-consciousness about your appearance. In addition, tooth loss can cause speech impediments and even affect the appearance of your face around the lips and cheeks. Gum recession and loss of bone density are also major concerns. That’s why dentures and dental bridges and other treatment options are considered following tooth loss.

Important Considerations After Losing a Tooth

It’s of the utmost importance that you assess your situation after an injury. If you have suffered other injuries apart from tooth loss, such as head trauma, severe damage to the jaw or face, or damage to the soft tissues in your mouth, it’s important that you seek medical attention before you seek out dental help.

If you have lost a tooth and that is the primary extent of your injuries, it’s important that you see if you can fit the tooth back into position. Handle the tooth by the crown rather than the tooth root. Wash the tooth off with clean water and then try to place it in its original position. If you cannot place the tooth back, keep it in a cup of milk. Be sure to visit our dental center as soon as possible.

Best Treatment Options to Consider for Missing Teeth

If we can save the original tooth, that is the most ideal treatment possible. It is not always an option, however. Dental bridges and dentures can be considered depending on the extent of your tooth loss. We will likely assess your candidacy for Orange County dental implants to secure a denture, dental bridge, or individual dental crown. Dental implants are surgically placed artificial tooth roots that provide the most secure hold of a replacement tooth.

Contact Our Dental Health Practice to Learn More

If you or someone you know have lost a tooth, it’s important that you contact our Orange County cosmetic dentistry practice as soon as possible. We will do our best to save the tooth when possible, and will strive to ensure that your dental health is the best that it can be.